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Guest Lecture Grant Application

Guest Lecture Funding Information
You are completing an application for faculty lecture funding. These funds are intended to help faculties develop a greater sense of academia and collegiality outside of the classroom. Faculties are encourages to develop lectures that take place throughout the academic term on topics related to their field of interest. Applications are eligible for a maximum of $2,000 which can be applied to the following expenses:
  • Speaker fees (honorarium, agent fees)
  • Accommodation expenses (hotel and food costs for the speaker)
  • Travel expenses (travel for the speaker)
Before completing this application please ensure that you have reviewed the TRUSU Grant Application Process and application deadlines to ensure that you are eligible to apply for funding for this event. 

Guest lecture applications must be co-submit by a student and faculty member in the same Faculty or School. 

If you have any questions about TRUSU Grants or the application process please contact our Communications Coordinator at or by phone at (250) 828-5289.
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